Day Cinco

Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory and your dream home!

The dream home is going to have to wait as I don’t have a picture of it, but it located near Waverly/Palmyra/Modesto, IL it is a beautiful log cabin ranch house on this amazing cattle ranch with beautiful pastures and green grass…Someday (sigh)


My favorite memory is a bit challenging but I am going to use a photo of Daddy, Sissy and me. I credit my dad for instilling the passion of agriculture in me. I went with him to the farm almost everyday and it was his drive and motivation to teach me all that he knew and help me that has led to so many more doors opening to me. My sister is also one of my best friends and although we have fought along the way, she always knows how to make me laugh and I am proud to call her my sister. (even if we never got to play sports together). I love my family and the support they have given me through every aspect of my life!

Daddy, Sissy n Me

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