Fourteen Days

A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without and something you would buy if money wasn’t a problem.

Since I have already posted my lovely boyfriend on here at least once if not more, I am going to go with my mom for this one. She has been an inspirational person and a major mentor in my life. No matter what she has supported me in everything I have ever done and stood by my side through thick and thin. I love her and I hope that when I am a mom I can be just like her. Unfortunately, I am already finding myself resembling my mother’s habits and forgetfulness and goofiness, so  I am no longer allowed to laugh at her for those things. 

Secondly, this will be picture-less as well because if money wasn’t a problem I would be a big ranch/farm with a top of the line show barn and the works…However, this is looking like it will continue to be a dream I have for quite sometime, but miracles happen every day and there is always the lottery!!!

Mommy and her babies


Pre-Sarah Days

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