Lessons Learned at a High School Track Meet

Yesterday as I watched Justin’s little sister run in her high school track meet I was reminded of so many things. First, I was inspired by her determination and focus on her face and she concentrated on winning each of her 4 events. With each race she put the past in the past and did everything she could to cross the finish line first. It brought me back to my high school track meets and the pain that I went through in order to win and continue to place myself in a position to reach state. It almost inspired me to start running and exercising more, to put myself back in shape…I said almost!

The second part I was instantly reminded of was parents who like to coach. Now I can’t hardly bash against this as I am fan who likes to coach, but as Taylor was sitting their and getting advice from her older sister and getting annoyed I remembered how I used to feel, especially during high school basketball. My biggest fans were sometimes also my biggest critics. It made me stronger as a person and as much I didn’t want to listen to what they were saying I realize they always brought forth a lot of positive advice. As a result of watching this I feel sorry for my future kids, as myself and my family are very competitive people, (as well as my current boyfriends family) and for us losing is not a very praised course of action. I hope when it comes time to my children’s activities I am able to remember how I felt in their shoes and hold my tongue! 

I was also reminded of my track coach, Mr. Gary Bowker and the line he always told us before we ran….”Don’t look back, leave it all on the track.” I think this lesson can be applied to many things in life. There are so many times we don’t put are all into something; especially when we have a million things going on at one time. I half-done job does not compare to a well-done job that you put all of your efforts into. For livestock kids, this means putting all the work and effort you can into your show cattle and as a result you will reap the “Rewards” in the form of purple and blue. Just a small thought and memo to carrying with you throughout life and pass on to your children…

Miss Taylor

To the Limit

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