First Day

Well I officially survived my first day as the American Angus Association Junior Director of Activities Summer Intern. I had a wonderful day getting to know everyone in the office, taking a tour, and learning all about my responsibilities. I jumped right into work and started working on different aspects of the National Junior Angus Show which will be held in Harrisburg, PA in July.  I am worried however that the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi in the vending machines downstairs are really going to be my downfall in my current diet plan/biggest loser competition with my judging team. As the clock ticked down I got back into my beautiful new car and cam drove home to the cute little house I am living in over the summer. My roommate and I made took our first adventure in St. Joe to the “north” Wal-mart were we tried to pick out healthy foods that were in our diet plans. I made some delicious tacos for our “family” supper and then we relaxed a while before heading off to bed. Such a wonderful day. I have so much to do in the days ahead and I am so excited for all the opportunities that will be coming my way! Well this working girl needs to hit the hay and get my beauty sleep. Also I would like to thank the Illinois Junior Angus Association for their support and shout out on facebook today! Don’t worry I have no converted I will ALWAYS be a SHORTHORN girl at heart, but there is room for a little love for the black ones. 

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