My Summer Adventures

Well the time is finally here…today I officially moved to Saint Joseph, MO. I started out the day driving in the rain on my way from my boyfriends home and got almost all the way home a realized I had a flat tire. Slight panic moment, luckily my wonderful daddy saved the day. So I packed up the rest of my stuff (way more than I ever needed) and headed on my way. Of course, my mom was fighting back tears so I shed a few as well the first 15 minutes or so down the road but then I put on my big girl pants. To keep myself entertained I cranked up the tunes and blared Mr. Jason Aldean..lucky for me I have enough of his songs that I can sing along to that I was jamming away for almost the entire trip. The worst part about it was the rain and I wondered to myself if this was some sign that I needed to turn around, but finally about 30 miles out the sun began to shine and the rain subsided and I knew I was headed the right way. I safely made it to St. Joe and enjoyed my first night hanging with “the girls” and going to the movies. I am slightly nervous for tomorrow,(what to wear) , but I am also extremely excited.  Wish me luck! Be prepared to hear more about my summer internship journey and more about me. I need to get myself to bed as I have to get used to getting up early!!!!

Live Always, Laugh Often, Love Forever

My sweet little treats and welcome basket from Shelia!

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