My Red, White and Roan

Raining day here in the SJ today….but continued to work hard on the National Junior Angus Show and the Eastern Regional Show! Everyone is warning me for the day that all the photo contest entries come in..apparently there is going to be an overflowing cart full for me to sort through. Should be interesting!!!

“My Regional Manager” called me today!! Was glad to here the voice of someone I knew and glad that he was watching out for me. For my online class I have to travel around with a salesperson and I am thinking he will be a prime candidate..little does he know.

Nevertheless, to my main story of the day: because of the raining day I took my Moore’s Shorthorn rain jacket and wore it proudly. While in the office today I had it draped over my chair. As I sat at my desk working on random things Bryce, CEO of the American Angus Association, stopped by an gave me a look. I quickly turned to him and said, “Can I help you with something?” He then proceeded to ask me if Robin had said that my jacket was appropriate. I laughed and said ” I told Robin from the beginning that I had no Angus attire so I would have to where my Shorthorn attire, and the best I could do would be Adcock Land and Livestock apparel.” He said that he was afraid that would be my answer. So no matter what breed of cattle I may be involved with throughout my life, my veins will still flow with red, white and roan. I will always be a Shorthorn girl.

Preparing for my first weekend in the SJ should be interesting!!

Here is a funny video for your viewing entertainment!!

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