A Life Before Cell Phones

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So much has went on since my last post. I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend full of family, friends, and the boy while celebrating the graduation of my sister and my cousin. I was able to spend some much needed time in the show barn with our show string and feel very confident leaving them in the hands of my dad and sister. During the weekend though a reoccuring theme kept coming to the surface and the main topic was cell phones!

It started on Saturday when I overheard a mom tell my mother that she had heard of several children having issues due to texting. To better explain they were staying up all night long texting and not getting the appropriate amounts of sleep and then having trouble in the classroom. As their grades continued to fall they were also complaining about other issues and health problems they were having. In the end the doctors found this due to insufficient amounts of sleep which led to all of the other issues. My mom and I found this quite ironic as my sister turns her phone off at night, and her and I are such sounds sleepers that even if are phone was right next to us we wouldn’t hear it. There are many of nights I have friends call or text at weird hours of the night just to find it the next morning. However, I shrugged this story on and moved forward. Fast forward, to Sunday in my parent’s Sunday school class, this issue was brought up again when discussing where our boundaries lie and how cell phones have disintegrated the boundaries of work time and family time. When people use to walk out of the office the walked away from work, the phone calls,and the emails. Nowadays just because your not in the office doesn’t mean anything as the phone calls, emails and texts just follow you on your cell phone. It is up to us to establish those boundaries and know when to turn the phones off.

Then at my sisters graduation party I had a mom expressing concerns with her son and his cell phone and how she had recently learned how to put parental blocks on his phone and would soon be enforcing some of those. Her sons grades had also been slipping and she said some things had to change. Finally, later that night I watched as my three girl cousins between the ages of 10-13 or so, sat at my sisters graduation party at about  11pm at night and were all three constantly texting on their phones. I looked at them and said, ” You know I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 16 years old, and I only got one then because I was driving.” One of them turned to me and said, ” How did you live?” It was at that point I knew I had to blog about it.

Are we letting cell phones take over are lives? Are the boundaries between work and play being destroyed? When I look into the future of having a family and kids I did not expect to have to text, tweet, or facebook my children in order to talk to them. Personally, unless the world changes dratistically by the time I have children I am going to stick with the 16 year old cell phone rule because otherwise it only causes problems. The only excuse maybe if they are very involved in sports but even them I will have extreme limits on their phone. Maybe this is old fashioned, but phones need the same limits that parents used to put on TV and the internet, because all of those things can now be accessed from most cell phones.  Just some thoughts to consider….

http://youtu.be/mcr2uWkJkzI….Hilarious cell phone commercial!















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