On the road…again





Just so everyone knows I’m still alive. Currently, I am on a cross country adventure headed to the state of Pennsylvania for the National Junior Angus Show. The show officially kicks off on Monday but life of an intern puts me there early to prepare for a week of smooth sailing fun.
Last week I was Indy for the National Junior Shorthorn Show exhibiting my own cattle. I enjoyed the week with my family and being able to SHOW!!! My sister and I exhibited our first cow calf pair which was so much fun. Videos to be posted at a later date. I think Big Ron enjoyed it enough that hopefully we can talk him into doing it again!
All of our 8 head placed in the top 5 of their classes with several seconds which was really exciting for us. I also accomplished a lifelong goal when I was elected as the AJSA President. My mom was also elected to the National Lassie Board. It was a very enjoyable “summer vacation” filled with friends,family,fun, and of course showing cattle.
I got back to St J on Sunday only to do laundry and prepacked my suitcase to hit the road again. My boss and I hit the road yesterday for what will be a 14 day long adventure. Due to some a/c issues we got a late start but these high maintenance girls were NOT driving 20 hours without it. Hopefully I will have some interesting post after and during nationals.

Life of an intern…

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