Well, Today I will be heading to Sportsman’s Paradise as my internship takes me the untraveled land in the state of Louisiana. I will be headed to Monroe, LA which is in the northeast corner. I am hoping that I do not run into any alligators as I am not trained to defend off those creatures..KRIKY!!! (or whatever the Crocodile Hunter used to say)

This weekend I will be helping with the Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show in West Monroe, LA. Not only is this the FIRST time I will be in Louisisana this will be my first time attending this show. I am very excited for the adventure and meeting many new Angus breeders and juniors. Hopefully, I will have some exciting photos to share upon my return.  I will be assisting witht he show and showmaship contest. I also will have the honor to attend the Queen’s Brunch tomorrow, lookout this girl will be in a dress and heels at a cattle function. Nervous about my flights, but highly excited for the weekend.

West Monroe, LA

In other news, yesterday I achieved a moral victory at the office. American Angus Association CEO, Bryce Schumann, and I like to give each other a hard time. From time to time Bryce returns to the office with a cup of ice cream. Since the first time, I have been giving him a hard time about when he was going to bring me ice cream. Yesterday, to my disbelief, he came in after lunch and told me at three o’ clock I was to go get ice cream. He would finance the trip if I did the leg work. Being so proud of myself, I agreed to this and at three o’ clock the adminstrative assistants and I enjoyed some delicious ice cream. When I brought him back change, he told me tha I was the first woman who had ever brought him change, I quickly smiled and said, ” I learned along time ago that if you bring back change, you get more money the next time you ask.”  Needless to say, he was speechless and just laughed. I really expected it would be July before I got my ice cream, so now that he caved so fast, I am going to have to think of a new goal and gain a little more than a cup of ice cream! haha


Chargin’ Ahead

Dodge Charger SRT8 - 3/4 View

Image by sidehike via Flickr

It is time for me to update about my whereabouts.  Last Friday, I began my first journey alone and the Junior Activities Intern heading to the Wisconsin Angus Association State Preview Show. Little did I know all of the things that were in front of me.

I began my journey to the airport Friday morning, without my mirror fixed on my car, to Kansas City Airport. I was very nervous about finding The Parking Spot and getting to the airport as this was my first time for that. Effortlessly, all of this was accomplished and I made my way into the airport. I had to go through the new x-ray/screening/security process which was very intimidating but soon I was ready to go. My flight out to Milwaukee went rather well despite some turbulence, I just tried to sleep. As I was getting my luggage I began to ponder what kind of rental car I may be stuck with. I quickly became estatic like I was jacked up on Mountain Dew when I was handed the keys to a 2011 Dodge Charger (black with black interior). This was a HUGE bonus to my weekend and trust me, I was very reluctant to return it. The charger and I made our way toward Jefferson, WI were the show was located. With a little help from a friend we made it there safely. That afternoon I helped with the check-in process for the WLBA and WJAA shows which would be the following day. To say the least, it was very interesting. I also saw my first ever registered Lowline steers.



Calli and Kelli Love Flat Andy!

On Saturday, I helped with the WJAA show and then was asked if I would be announcer for the rest of the day. Having not much else on my agenda I figured it would be harmless for me to announce for a few hours. That few hours turned into a marathon of boredom as I announced until 5pm that night (mind you the show started at 9am with no breaks). Needless to say by the end of the show I was WAY over announcing. I then attended the WJAA meeting and hospitality night. It was great to meet with old friends and make new from the Wisconsin Junior Angus Association. What a great (small) and amazing set of individuals. I am very thankful that they were so welcoming as it eased nerves that I had had prior to the trip.

Sunday was the Wisconsin Angus Association State Preview show. A small but high quality show was a much more relaxing event and I didn’t have to announce. After the show concluded I found myself with lots of time to spare. I said farewell to friends and headed to the outlet mall for some browsing and shopping. Although the flight home was delayed, I eventually made it back to St. Joe safely to be greeted by my roommates who were having some Emily withdraws.

This post is getting long so I will make another with further updates. Pictures to be added at a later date.