Heat Advisory…I SAID IT’s TOO HOT!

For many of you it may be nothing, but a sign that you won’t be mowing your yard tonight and the kids will be playing inside as you head to your office job where you can soak in the a/c all day. This summer I haved joined that crew as I finish my summer internship, but to livestock producers across the country the words HEAT ADVISORY, RECORD HIGHs and anything else involving hot weather means one thing….LOTS OF SWEATING! For my grandpa, dad and uncle it means that our cattle need to be checked on more than once and a sure bet that some calves are probably going to need doctored.

My family raises purebred Shorthorn cattle, its our livelihood, and to make it such our number one priority has to be the health and well-being of our animals. In reality our animals get better treatment than our own bodies do at times. When battling the heat, my family works twice as hard at keeping everything cool by being sure the have shade, water, and the proper diets to keep them healthy. Extreme heat most likely will result in doctoring several calves that develop breathing problems and treating for external parasites that will most likely flock all of the herd. trust me its not fun.

On top of that during this EXTREME HEAT, we are smack dab in the middle of show season, so my sister is getting up early to put our show calves under fans and rinse them to help cool them off and keep the hair she has worked so hard to grow. Along with that she is getting up early to drive the truck and trailer to the next show so they are done traveling before it gets too hot! She will unload the cattle and quickly set up the stalls so she can get the cattle under fans, provide them with water and get them a bath before they bake from the heat. All the while she will sit with them all day long to clean up after them and be sure the don’t become overheated.

So for any of you sitting in your office job in the A/C who think that farmers and livestock producers don’t properly care for their animals, go sit outside for awhile and for every drop of sweat you feel triple that for the sweat coming from my dad and sister while caring for our animals in conditions where everyone is warned to “stay inside”!

Going to sweat my @$$ off at state fair!!


Check out this link to a great article about heat and showing livestock: http://www.gosanangelo.com/news/2011/jul/23/livestock-relies-on-humans-during-heat/

Chargin’ Ahead

Dodge Charger SRT8 - 3/4 View

Image by sidehike via Flickr

It is time for me to update about my whereabouts.  Last Friday, I began my first journey alone and the Junior Activities Intern heading to the Wisconsin Angus Association State Preview Show. Little did I know all of the things that were in front of me.

I began my journey to the airport Friday morning, without my mirror fixed on my car, to Kansas City Airport. I was very nervous about finding The Parking Spot and getting to the airport as this was my first time for that. Effortlessly, all of this was accomplished and I made my way into the airport. I had to go through the new x-ray/screening/security process which was very intimidating but soon I was ready to go. My flight out to Milwaukee went rather well despite some turbulence, I just tried to sleep. As I was getting my luggage I began to ponder what kind of rental car I may be stuck with. I quickly became estatic like I was jacked up on Mountain Dew when I was handed the keys to a 2011 Dodge Charger (black with black interior). This was a HUGE bonus to my weekend and trust me, I was very reluctant to return it. The charger and I made our way toward Jefferson, WI were the show was located. With a little help from a friend we made it there safely. That afternoon I helped with the check-in process for the WLBA and WJAA shows which would be the following day. To say the least, it was very interesting. I also saw my first ever registered Lowline steers.



Calli and Kelli Love Flat Andy!

On Saturday, I helped with the WJAA show and then was asked if I would be announcer for the rest of the day. Having not much else on my agenda I figured it would be harmless for me to announce for a few hours. That few hours turned into a marathon of boredom as I announced until 5pm that night (mind you the show started at 9am with no breaks). Needless to say by the end of the show I was WAY over announcing. I then attended the WJAA meeting and hospitality night. It was great to meet with old friends and make new from the Wisconsin Junior Angus Association. What a great (small) and amazing set of individuals. I am very thankful that they were so welcoming as it eased nerves that I had had prior to the trip.

Sunday was the Wisconsin Angus Association State Preview show. A small but high quality show was a much more relaxing event and I didn’t have to announce. After the show concluded I found myself with lots of time to spare. I said farewell to friends and headed to the outlet mall for some browsing and shopping. Although the flight home was delayed, I eventually made it back to St. Joe safely to be greeted by my roommates who were having some Emily withdraws.

This post is getting long so I will make another with further updates. Pictures to be added at a later date.








Special Delivery

Man, oh man, has it been crazy!!! Last week I received box after box of contest entries!!! On Friday, they had to make TWO trips just to bring all of my mail to me! I was really excited that all the entries had finally came as I LOVE opening mail however once it was all open it was a bit overwhelming. The pictures below will put it in a better perspective. This year the PR department is trying something new using “Flat Andy” as a way to get kids excited about Junior Nationals and to connect everyone from all over the world into one place. The story behind Flat Andy is that each exhibitor will get one in their packets and are encouraged to take pictures with Andy in their preparation and journey to the NJAS in Harrisburg, PA. I hope that they get some good pictures. To get the juniors in the spirit and show them how the pictures are supposed to be, Flat Andy has been helping me process entries.

I suppose I should probably explain what “entries” I have been processing. First of all the photo contest entries have been sent in. Almost each contest has a Junior, Intermediate and Senior division. For the photo contest each of these age divisions has four categories: Angus Cattle, Landscape, People and Around the Farm or Ranch. I go through each entry and make sure that participants are in the right age group, are paid members of the association and process all the information into excel. Then I have 12 cardboard boxes that I sort the photos into.  The photos will be judged before the show in Harrisburg. I am also collecting entries for the Graphic Design contest, which is about making an ad for your family farm. Creative Writing contest entries require some tedious work checking that entries have the proper word count and everything that goes along with that. I also have to make copies of these to send out to the judges as both this and graphic design will be judge for the contest.

Other contest entries that are due June 10 are the Prepared Speech and the Career Development Contest– I appreciate those individuals who have sent this entries in early.  Another job that I have been working on is write-ups for the Angus Agenda on the 2011 NJAA Board of Directors candidates! Angus juniors should be excited about the amazing and highly qualified individuals that are running for the board this year. (Look at my earlier post on tips for running for a junior board for advice!!) 

This weekend my sister had Reserve Champion Female at our first show! I am so happy for her, but was a little sad to be missing out. This week I will be heading to the Wisconsin Junior Angus Preview Show representing the AAA all by myself!! I am a little nervous as this will be the first time I have rented a car and done all the grown up stuff. Luckily, I have a great group of friends in Wisconsin and I hope they will take good care of me! Should be a great time–look for Flat Andy pictures!! This weekend is also the Illinois State Preview show of which I am the president of the IJSA, I hope I have everything prepared as the fate of Illinois being prepared for the NJSS lays with Karl!! Well this is getting entirely toooo long!! So much still lies ahead—-xoxo

Photo Boxes... only a few of them

Flat Andy in the dumb waiter....

Buried in MAIL!!!

Small mail day