Day 9 – Through the Barn Window

I had been searching all over for windows last fall and winter because I had this idea in my head to use them for my wedding. Everytime I came across something I liked it was way over my budget. I had just about given up, when I was looking at calves one day with Big Ron at one of our farms. As I walked in the barn I found the perfect windows!!! I found two of them that had all the glass broken out of them and told Big Ron they weren’t doing him any good and I need them. I cleaned them up and used them to hold the Seating Arrangements at our reception. After the wedding, I was trying to find the perfect place for them in my house and decided to use them as picture frames in our hallway. Below is a photo of my barn windows and one of someone else’s. Do you have any barn windows that you could do this with?

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These are my two barn frames full of wedding memories!

These are my two barn frames full of wedding memories!

Make it a frame with one big picture.

Make it a frame with one big picture.

Wedding Tip #1

Teal and Black Wedding Cake

Teal and Black Wedding Cake (Photo credit: Graceful Cake Creations)

Since my recent engagement on Christmas Day I am now beginning the journey of wedding plan. Through the process I hope to share different tips and tricks I figure out as I go that will hopefully help others some day. So today comes Tip #1 and probably 2 and 3.

A few weekends ago my MOB and MOG (that is mother of the bride and mother of the groom) and myself went to a bridal show at the venue I will be having my reception. Not having any expectations as we walked through the door I was immediately overwhelmed as every booth handed me some type of goodie or information and then had me fill out a card. As we walked booth to booth down aisle and aisle it was like floating through a cloud. They all started to run together.

So in the spirit of tip #1 I suggest this. Before attending a bridal show make labels with your name, address, phone number, email, and wedding date. This way you can quickly stick these on any type of registration or drawing and move on. I would also recommend going to bridal shows only in your local area or that have vendors that you are interested in using because they are usually location specific. I would also highly recommend getting some type of planning guide. I have purchased the Ultimate Wedding Planner made by the knot and have also registered on It is a very useful site that links to some many other wedding sites and ideas. Definitely helpful for someone like me who is a planner and likes list and organization.

Where Is the Love?

LOL Just divorced. And no, that's not my car.

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Haven’t posted in awhile so thought I better get busy…This isn’t my typical post but with things I have seen going on in the news and in the lives of those around me my mind has been spinning around one question…Where Is The Love? Everyday there is another murder, divorce, or something else that happens between people who “loved” one another. I guess I just don’t understand it.

When you get married you take these things called vows. In them you make a PROMISE to do the things you say. Where has the value of these vows went? I am beginning to wonder if anyone remembers what a marriage is. Do we need to print out everyone’s vows and make them recite them every day or tattoo it on their arm? I don’t understand how all the sudden you “lose” love? I guess I should be counting my blessing every single day that both of my grandparent’s have been married for over 50 years and my parents over 25 years, apparently that is not a common thing in this day of age. No offense to those who have had a divorce sometimes things don’t work and I understand, but I am appalled more so by the fact that there are individuals out there in their 30s who are already on their 3rd marriages or more.

Is this the fault of celebrities who jump in and out of marriages like it is a game  or have we truly lost the values behind love and marriage. Maybe we should issue a maturity and compatibility test before we allow individuals to get married.

Maybe this is just me rambling on and on, but it just breaks my heart to watch the true victims of these homes suffer (the children) and many of them will continue to suffer their entire lives. Stability is one of the most important things a child can have.

I suppose I will continue to thank GOD for everything he has provided me with and my stable and loving family. – the Black Eyed Peas explain it all.

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