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Hello Everyone,

A bit of news from the SJ and AAA for the day!! Today was all about the interns!! We are all here now and have officially began our summer of success! I began the day working on the Oustanding Leadership Award packets so that I could prepare them for judging. We had a tour today, so that was interesting as well. I recieved my first bit of mail and also my first telephone call!!! HOW EXCITING! I was able to get all of my travel plans set up so that I can attend the Wisconsin Junior Angus Preview show in the month of June,which I am sure it will be fantastic. The American Angus Association (AAA) staff took all of the interns to lunch at Chilis today which was a great way for us to get to know each other better. We also got pictures taken and interviewed for press releases. I will have to add the pictures later on. We have titled ourselves ” The Fiercesome Four” or ” The Fantastic Four” whichever you prefer, fashionistas by day and superheros by night! Works well for me. 

I am very proud of myself for not partaking in any Wild Cherry Pepsi today however I kept myself very busy working on the Quiz Bowl contest for the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS). The Angus juniors better be prepared for a mentally challenging written and oral examination! I am sure they can handle it. After work I partook in a relaxing run around the neighborhood I am living in over the summer and fixed myself some supper. I started my online class that I am taking through the University of Illinois over the summer, Sales Communication. Should be a great class! 

I am sorry for my lack of pictures and deep insightful post, but I have been very busy getting adjusted.

Be prepared for some interesting SJ adventures with my roomate, Katie, and I as we explore the interesting city of St. Joe. I have heard that people watching is the number one hobby to partake in from my co-workers at the Assoc. (haha)

I have still not quite adjusted to this whole getting up early thing…however, in time my body will remember what that was like, at least I hope!!

Well I probably need to get my beauty sleep….so goodnight everyone!

Bleeding National Blue and Corn Gold

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I have been battling bronchitis and finally feel like a human being again. This is the second time bronchitis has entered my lungs. I am beginning to think it feels welcomed however, I am going to have to inform it that we are not friends and my body would appreciate it if it would leave and never come back.

Moving on, many things have happened since my last post. To begin with, the University of Illinois Livestock Judging team and myself traveled to Tyson Packing Plant to practice for the Meat Animal Evaluation Practice Contest in Madison, WI. To say the least it was an eye opening experience. I was able to survive without passing out. I realize I am a cowgirl who has a passion for animals, but the reason I am not becoming a vet is because of 3 of my four biggest fears. BLOOD, NEEDLES, and PAIN. After spending a day in a large meat cooler with freshly harvested beef carcasses around me, I appreciated the people around me for what they do everyday. Working in Tyson is not something that I could wake up every morning and go do, and for the people that do I applaud and I enjoy the products they make available for me and thousands of others.


Tyson Beef

Moving on beyond that, the real point behind this post is to celebrate NATIONAL FFA WEEK. It’s the week to bleed National Blue and Corn Gold. I recently saw that some our celebrating this by posting their Facebook status as “FFA members and former FFA members, unite! Find a photo of yourself in your FFA jacket and post it as your profile photo. Leave it up for National FFA Week. Make this your status. Let’s turn Facebook NATIONAL BLUE!” and then changing their profile picture to a picture of them in FFA. Make sure you join the cause and do this!

The National FFA Organization is a wonderful organization that helps thousands of young adults mold into respectable individuals. It helps develop key skills that young adults will use the rest of their lives. During FFA, my wonderful advisor, Mr. Tim Reed, helped encourage me to go beyond my comfort zone and participate in things I wouldn’t have done on my own. I also had a wonderful livestock judging coach, Mr. Rodney Knittel, who taught me the basics of livestock judging and as a result I am now on the University of Illinois’ judging team. With the help of my mentors, I was able to receive my greenhand, chapter and state degrees, as well as being in the top ten for the Star Farmer award and being second overall with my beef proficiency record books. I was also able to serve as the Chapter President becoming the 3rd generation from my family to serve as the Southwestern Chapter FFA President. Lucky for me, my sister followed in my footsteps in that area. I was also able to serve as the Section 15 Vice President. FFA taught me about being a leader, public speaking skills, team building skills and how to have a successful team. I also learned organizational skills, responsibility and good record keeping. In reality, I could probably go on all day long with the things I learned from FFA.

Most importantly though, I got to participate in many wonderful contest and activities and meet the most amazing people who have become some of my lifelong friends. I want to take the time to thank Mr. Reed and Mr. Knittel for helping me become a successful individual.

judging team

Southwestern FFA Livestock Judging Team

Seniors 2008

Little Sissy n Me at my Senior Year FFA Banquet